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"Our Challenges Need Not Break Us - They Can Indeed Make Us"

Relentless Resilience presents: 
SoapSquared - Raise The Bar
A Resilience and Empowerment Mindset - Development System
If you’re in a challenging situation right now feeling fear and self-doubt decreasing your confidence and courage, Candace’s unique Raise-the-Bar Resilience Mindset System (SOAPSQUARED)TM can turn your situation around in as little as 6 weeks.  

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What is Relentless Resilence?

⁃A real presentation from a real person

⁃Powerful music and personal stories


⁃Open, savvy and perspective shifting

⁃Great interactivity

⁃"Candace is the queen of making lemonade out of lemons"

⁃Down to earth

⁃Rocking genuineness

⁃Motivation for you to continue on no matter what you're facing

-Coaching and Training sessions with "The Resilience Expert"      Candace Asher 
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Joe Calloway, author, Becoming A Category of One

Candace Asher’s story is entertaining and motivating. She gives her audience a compelling look at courage and determination and gets you to look at your own challenges with new eyes and new hope! 

Debbie Vandiver, Business Development Officer, Reliant Bank

Candace Asher’s powerful story of “Relentless Resilience” opens the door for participants and their loved ones to address and cope with trauma. Candace’s music and songwriting talents are an added bonus!

Ann Hartson, Medical Imaging Manager, The Woman’s Hospital at Centennial

After hearing Candace Asher speak on “Relentless Resilience” it gave me a new way of looking at life. I realized anything can be achieved with the right mindset and focus. Candace has shared valuable information I have used in my workplace. Thanks Candace!

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