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Candace Asher

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“Candace’s song “Don’t Lose Heart” is just the kind of advice we need right now.”


January 2021 - Georges Carrier - Lyon, France - DJ

The #1 Song on the Top 100 EuroIndieMusicCharts 8-7-21

July 4, 2024​ - "This Country Tis of Thee" calls out to every American to express our patriotism through positive action.  Don't sit on the sidelines; don't wait to get started.  Find what a better America means to you and help make it a reality.  This song's call to action is the reason Citizen Connect exists.

Morris Effron,& Brian Clancy,

Co-founders, Citizen Connect

“Don't Judge A Heart By Its Color” is a song of depth, realism and empathy. It captures the racial-justice zeitgeist of the 2020’s.  

March 2021 - Niki Buzz - NYC/Amsterdam - Producer, Artist, Guitarist

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Don’t Lose Heart  

Candace Asher / Dwight Liles


This Country Tis of Thee

Candace Asher / David Nevins


Don’t Judge a Heart by its Color

Candace Asher / Jeff Bernstein

Welcome to my new save American Democracy video!


Candace Asher is a "cross-over" artist drawing from alt-country, pop-rock, r&b and jazz; she writes and sings songs of hope, courage and resilience.

Nashville/New York artist Candace Asher's critically acclaimed, self-titled cd earned her several top-5 hits with airplay in 12 countries in the early 2000’s.  Asher’s soulful pop-country-americana blend took her to Norway, Sweden, Germany, France, Denmark, Belgium, and Switzerland! Taxim Records (Germany) picked up Candace’s self-titled disc and BMG distributed it all around Europe!


Old and new fans alike can experience Candace’s eloquent pen and expressive vocals. Known for her heartfelt, uplifting, strong-woman songs of inspiration, courage and hope, Candace’s current release “DON’T LOSE HEART” is in the same upbeat vein

That Old CarCandace Asher
00:00 / 04:08

That Old Car was chosen as the opening track for the AFIM's (Association for Independent Music) first-ever Americana compilation “Get Your Kicks”.

One Step at a TimeCandace Asher
00:00 / 05:39

“Great lyrics sung superbly; “One Step At A Time” makes you feel that things will get better!” Hille Hillekamp - Hamburg, Germany - Grand H Music Publishing

Slow DancingCandace Asher
00:00 / 04:05
At The Hands Of A ManCandace Asher
00:00 / 03:55

“This song makes me dream of sunsets at the beach with my dearest partner.”   DJ, Werner Hinze, German Internet Radio Association

“There’s a time for outrage and a time to heal. This song shines rays of light and hope to shut out the darkness and tragedy of rape." Dr. Scott Dell - Founder of



That Old Car

Candace Asher / David Lindgren


Slow Dancing

Candace Asher / Mark Irwin


One Step at a Time

Candace Asher / Duane Jarvis


At the Hands of A Man

Candace Asher / David Lindgren

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